CLA Group performs license audits to verify the compliance of the software used with existing licenses

The main direction is to audit Oracle’s licenses, as well as other well-known software manufacturers, such as IBM and RedHat

License auditing includes technical analysis using specialized tools and consulting services to optimize costs, if necessary

CLA Group (Control License Assets) is an independent licensed auditor, active in the market since 2011. Our team includes highly qualified experts in licensing, design and administration of Oracle products with experience in Oracle

The tools, algorithms and methods that we have developed and applied are 100% identical to those used in Oracle. CLA Group audit results are at 100% match with the Oracle audit results, and our consulting will help you achieve license savings 100% of the time

Partners and partner program

Understanding responsibility for the quality of our service we continuously organize education and certifications for our employees and create strong connection with our partners at the market

In purpose of confidentiality, we are providing only general information about our partners



The benefits of a CLA Group license audit are as follows:

  • Results that are 100% consistent with Oracle audit results
  • All of our recommendations are fully compliant with the letter of the law and legally safe for the Customer
  • Former Oracle employees working for us

No affiliation with manufacturers and suppliers

  • We are not affiliated with Oracle partners
  • We don’t sell licenses, technical support or other Oracle products and services
  • We are fully focused on the Customer’s interests!


  • The information you provide to CLA Group is completely confidential
  • Only the Customer gets the results of the independent license audit
  • Conclusion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

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