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Internal audit of the Oracle software licenses use. We will collect information on current software use, assess license allocation, and determine license shortages or redundancy

You will get an assessment of the legality of software use in your company, as well as a financial audit of overpayments for licenses and maintenance in favor of Oracle


License audit is a validation of the correctness of licensed software use in accordance with the terms and requirements of license agreements

The main goal of vendor audit is to detect all instances of unlicensed use of Oracle products by the Customer. If there is a shortage of licenses, the vendor has the right to demand payment for the entire period of use and support of the software

CLA's internal license audit will help avoid problems with software manufacturer auditors. You will not only get the details of your licensed assets, but also recommendations on how to optimize your software

The following is carried out in conducting internal audit:

  • Examination of IT infrastructure, including core computing resources, information systems, servers and storage systems, virtualization systems and other software relevant to the operation of Oracle software
  • Analysis of the current value of shortage or over-abundance of Oracle software licenses
  • A Technical Report on internal audit, which includes a list of used licenses, cost estimate in accordance with the official Oracle price list, and analysis of the current situation
  • Forming the results of technical measurements, based on which the Technical Report was prepared

The study includes technical measurements of Oracle software use. Based on the data on Oracle software license purchases, an inventory of existing licenses is performed. The reliability of the audit results depends on the validity of the data provided

CLA ensures that technology audit methods are in line with the current Oracle LMS service methods.


Compliance as a Service

Software Compliance Program CLA provides comprehensive tools and methodology for digital asset management so that our clients may run the Software Compliance Program (SCP) with their own IT / governance team


Depending on the scope of the SCP, the CLA Corporate Contract will include the relevant guarantees.
Compliance Stand-In CLA will provide an experienced Compliance Officer with access to the technical and legal expertise to quickly address the needs for software license and compliance review.
Compliance Stand-In may perform the duties of the Compliance Officer on a permanent or temporary basis

Hiring a full-time compliance expert may be an unnecessary expense for a limited scope of responsibilities during the year. Instead, you may get all benefits of having a Compliance Officer looking after your contracts, assets, and business operations, through a CLA Stand-In Agreement. Audit Response Team If your organization is under an external audit, we will be able to provide your team with the very best experts in governance, IT, and Legal, in order to address the tasks of performing an audit while protecting the interests of your business. CLA experts will work closely with your assigned employees and report about the progress, challenges, and results to the management board.


Monitoring (Regular Assessment of Software Use)

Regular monitoring of the use of licensed assets. We will build a process of regular and automated data processing by specialized software and analyze the obtained measurements

You will get the ability to plan the licensing landscape and have up-to-date information about the licenses in use to build further management decisions


When building strategic goals for 3-5 years, it is important to understand what reduction in the cost of software ownership is possible. To do this, it is necessary to take into account the current state of the company's infrastructure and its variability: the use of technical support from the software manufacturer, the percentage of software buildup or reduction in the software in use. Monitoring provides a real-time understanding of the volume of software used and the financial costs of owning licenses

Control over the use of software reduces the risk of possible unlicensed use, as well as enables additional planning of the licensing landscape

However, simple technical controls are not enough. Such an analysis must take into account changes to the system itself, the addition and removal of users, and the administration of these processes. After all, all of these factors also affect the final financial result

CLA offers a process for regular and automated processing of technical measurements with guaranteed results. These include:

  • Automation of technical measurements on the Customer's servers
  • Transfer of technical measurement results in the automatic mode
  • Processing of technical measurement results by specialized software
  • Providing a report on the results of processing and analysis, with the possibility of plotting the difference from the previous period
  • Close supervision by CLA Group licensing specialists

Constant monitoring of the licensed assets in use enables the planning of the licensing landscape depending on the Customer's current needs


Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) Certification

Conducting an internal license audit to prepare for ULA certification. We can help you fill in the necessary documents, build a reasoned position for negotiating the most favorable conditions for you and provide support in negotiations with Oracle

You will get a detailed review of the available licenses, as well as recommendations that will maximize your strategic and financial interests


ULA stands for Oracle’s Unlimited License Agreement. The Customer acquires the right to unlimited use of the products included in the agreement for a certain period (most often – 3 years). Such an agreement is concluded if intensive growth of the company's infrastructure is strategically planned


  • Allows to increase your usage volume without having to buy additional licenses all the time
  • Convenient and profitable only with an intensively growing infrastructure and a well-thought-out list of included products

  • Requires a high level of control over installed software and ongoing use of products not included in the ULA
  • High cost of technical support – from 18% to 22% of the contract price. In case of ULA renewal, the cost of technical support for Oracle products is summed up
  • High probability of vendor audit after certification; risk of detection of products not included in ULA
  • Pressure from the vendor to renegotiate the ULA, even if it is not necessary

ULA certification is the process of declaring the products used by the Customer at the end of the ULA agreement

In the absence of proper control over the volume of licenses used, there is a risk of certifying an insufficient or excessive number of products. Each of these cases is fraught with its own negative consequences:
  • If the number of licenses declared is insufficient, there is a shortage of licenses, which leads to additional costs for the software
  • In the case of excessive license declarations, certification may be denied by third parties and a license audit may be conducted by the vendor

Before deciding to undergo the ULA certification, it is always recommended to assess the additional need for licenses in the next 2-3 years. If there is no such need, it is recommended that the ULA be certified

In this case, be prepared that Oracle will insist on renewing the ULA when it expires, as it is beneficial for the vendor

CLA provides a service to support ULA certification. The work is implemented in several basic stages:
  • Conducting an internal software license audit similar to the vendor audit
  • Preparation for ULA certification
  • Developing the most advantageous strategy for the Customer's management of licensed assets
  • Necessary legal support and assistance in negotiations with the vendor

Preparation for certification includes:
  • Assistance in data collection using established methods and conducting webinars to improve the quality of the collected data
  • Assistance in correctly filling the list of servers on Oracle form
  • Landscape design to create a stockpile of licenses for possible future projects
  • Bringing the list of servers to a format that minimizes the number of questions from the vendor

We help our customers achieve compliance status and pass ULA certification without additional costs for licenses and technical support


Virtual Machine Isolation

Help with isolation within virtualization systems, in accordance with Oracle licensing policies (including VMware)

You will get an actionable, vendor-specific virtual machine isolation methodology, guidance on using the software in an isolated environment, and optimized software and support costs


The control of software use in an isolated environment allows to quickly manage the company's infrastructure to create the planned volume of licensed assets. This applies to both increasing this volume and decreasing it, depending on the project's goals

Working in isolated environments gives you the ability to manage licensing volumes in a wide range

The isolation process is complex and consists of many steps. First, experts develop a virtual machine isolation methodology based on the software manufacturer's requirements and the Customer's needs. This process is quite time-consuming, since it is necessary to analyze the infrastructure and assess its capabilities

After that, the process of coordination of the developed methodology with the software manufacturer begins. CLA prepares the documentation for submission to the software manufacturer and supervises the communication of the methodology approval. If necessary, adjustments are made to the developed methodology

When the isolation methodology is approved by the vendor, the process of implementing it on the infrastructure begins. The solution is replicated and virtualization systems are configured under the strict supervision of CLA experts

The final stage of the work is the verification of the replicated solution and making the necessary adjustments based on the verification results.



Legal Support

Competent protection of the Customer's position in negotiations with the software manufacturer to level out possible claims from the latter. You will get control over the risks of breach of contract terms, legal support for audits and negotiations, and control over official communications

Consulting Services
Advice on the use of licensed software, virtualization systems, and assistance in preparing responses to software manufacturer's inquiries. You will have access to the CLA's technical support system and knowledge base. A deeper understanding of licensed software use will allow your technicians to configure and operate the software correctly, minimizing the likelihood of vendor’s complaints

Support in Contracting
A comprehensive analysis of the terms and conditions of the software manufacturer's commercial offers and recommendations for improving the terms of purchase. You will get a cost reduction by eliminating “extra” products and “hidden” fees, as well as the most favorable commercial terms of the deal

Challenging the Vendor Audit Result
Analyzing vendor audit report and providing recommendations to reduce the cost of claims. We will develop a scenario of actions and help build a negotiating position with the vendor.
You'll get an independent audit, an optimized licensing strategy, and support in negotiations with the vendor. In practice, we have been able to significantly reduce and even nullify Oracle's claims


Reduced Costs for Oracle Technical Support (TS)

Analyzing the required level of technical support and your payments for its use

You will get recommendations on how to reduce the cost of TS and optimize its use in the future


Most of the costs associated with software use are for technical support and maintenance. The cost of support increases when new transactions are made or Unlimited Agreements are renewed (in the case of ULA renewals, the cost of TS is added up)

During the optimization process, two main software sectors are identified: software that requires technical support and software that does not need TS. From this, an understanding of the licensing landscape and its management in the future is formed

The license management process has an impact on optimizing the cost of the licenses, as well as the cost of the TS, as continued work related to the optimization of license assets helps earn a reduction in payments to the software manufacturer. These savings in annual equivalent can be significant


Modern information technology, including databases, infrastructure software and functional applications, is an integral part of a modern company's operations. One of the challenges to optimizing the cost of software ownership is to constantly monitor the number of software licenses in use

In connection with the development of the IT services market, the issues of correct use of software assets are becoming more and more relevant. We offer software asset management services that are unique in the market

The pre-licensing audit offered by CLA Group helps avoid problems with software manufacturer auditors

You will get detailed and up-to-date information on existing and used licenses, as well as recommendations on the further steps of software management. You will be able to remove unnecessary software installations in time, correctly revise important systems for your business, and prepare for a visit from audit specialists

You pay only for results